Established in 2011, ‘ADS’ is a charity with a small, dedicated, professional Team. Our Board of Directors and Trustees are all unpaid volunteers helping to ensure the funds that we raise go directly to supporting our Members and raising awareness of Dementia. We have a small office in Maidenhead but are usually out with our Members.

WHO are WE?

Alzheimers Dementia Support ‘ADS’ is a charity which offers constructive practical guidance as well as a wide range of services designed to help people in the local community whose lives are directly or indirectly affected by Dementia.

We strive to make a difference by helping those impacted cope better whilst giving them the opportunity to experience a little joy and laughter during these challenging times.

WHAT do WE do?

There is an ever-growing number of People with Dementia, their Carers, and Families within our local communities of Windsor, Maidenhead, Ascot, Slough, and Langley who we believe can benefit from our services. Since our inception in 2011, members of the ‘ADS’ team have successfully touched the lives of an ever-growing number of People living with Dementia.

Whilst our services are delivered within our local area, we are committed to reaching a far wider audience to raise awareness of Dementia. Our website, social media, training modules, and publications are available worldwide to anyone with internet access.

Contact Us

You can contact a member of our Team directly through the email addresses listed on the Operations Team page, or by completing the form below.

Postal address

Alzheimers Dementia Support ‘ADS’, Unit 113, 5 High Street, Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 1JN

Registered in England under Company No:  07687060

Charity No:  1143867

Registered Office:  Belmont Place, Belmont Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire  SL6 1TB

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