The Shop Zone – Our Space, Your Donations

Rather than just dropping donations to us, would you like to raise awareness about your Organisation?  Take over a window and an area in our shop to display your donations and let Maidenhead know about you and how you are supporting us.

Gather Your Donations​

These will have your Organisation’s name attached, so please make sure that they represent you well

Add Price Labels​

Our Shop team can help with this.​You may like to add your own labels​

Display in the Shop​

You will have a full window that you can design as well as a zone at the front of the shop.  This can be for up to 14 days, depending on how many donations you have.​

You can top up over the week or leave stock for us to add.​

We will include signs with ​

‘Shop Zone by (your organisation’s name)’​

If you prefer, we can do all of this for you

Celebrate Your Total​

We will use a code on your items to keep a tab on how much you have raised for us, even after your Zone Time has been completed and the items moved to our other displays