A Kid’s Guide To Dementia


When someone you love is diagnosed with Dementia, it can be a difficult and confusing time for everybody. You may not understand why things are changing or why people are behaving differently. You will have lots of questions and may be unsure what to do sometimes. 

This book was written to try to answer those questions and give advice on what you can do to help. It includes facts, explanations and fun activities which can be read in sections, alone or with a parent.

While aimed at the 8-11 age group, it can be of help to those of any age new to Dementia.

“This is an excellent book. The author, Tegan Harris, has managed to present facts and statistics about dementia in an entertaining, interesting way. It is aimed at children between the ages 8 -11, but I would recommend it to all age groups. It is fun to read and gives very useful advice for all of us who may be dealing with friends or relations who are living with dementia. I loved it!”
Sue Holderness
‘ADS’ Patron
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