Note from the Chairman

While Volunteering for a National Charity it became clear to my team and I, that not enough was being done to properly support the many people living with Dementia within the Local community. A serious gap needed to be filled and in June 2011 Alzheimers Dementia Support ‘ADS’ was formed by the founding Trustees.

 “Over the 10 Years of ‘ADS’ we have been very fortunate to have shared in the lives, memories, and journeys of many Members. We are grateful to have been of assistance to these families and to become clearly recognised by the local Authority as being the main deliverers of Dementia Support Services within our local Community. We will continue to provide our Services for as long as they are needed and it is with great pride that I recognise the total commitment of our dedicated ‘ADS’ Team of Volunteers and Staff, without whom our work would not be possible – Thank you”

David Jannetta,  Voluntary Chairman, Founder, MD and Trustee

Special Activities & Events

It is with great pride that we recognise that we have crossed yet another milestone in the history of ‘ADS’. We have many interesting plans for this year, so do check this section regularly to find out what we are up to!

Short Stories About Our Past 10 Years

‘ADS’ Monthly Newsletter

The Story of Our Monthly Newsletter

The Start of ‘ADS’

Here’s a bit about how we started and why was ‘ADS’ founded back in 2011.

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