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a kid’s guide to dementia

by tegan harris

Dementia is a condition that affects whole families- including young people. The total amount of young carers in the UK is now estimated to be around 800,000. With dementia affecting more and more people every year, the challenge to educate young people about what they may experience when a loved one is diagnosed with the condition is ever more important.

‘A Kid’s Guide to Dementia’ was written to do exactly that. 17-year-old author Tegan Harris wrote the book when she discovered that there was very little information out there for young people when researching for a school project. Working in collaboration with ‘ADS’, it is hoped that the book will raise awareness at the same time as raising funds to support those affected by dementia. The book is available to buy as a hard copy below or to download via Amazon straight to your e-reader, tablet or other digital device.

Note from the author Tegan Harris:
‘When creating this book, I talked with many experts and people personally affected by Dementia including Carers, Former Carers, Advisors, Volunteers and Supporters of the Charity. They helped me to understand what I needed to know in order to be able to make this book perfect for you to read. In this book, you will learn about different types of Dementia, what you can do to help someone with Dementia or their Carer, activities that you can do and answer other questions you may have. I hope that it will give you an understanding of Dementia and how you can communicate and interact, whether the person is a family member or a friend.’


If you would like to purchase “A Kid’s Guide to Dementia” book, you can order it below as paperback or kindle edition.

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100% of profit goes directly to supporting those with Dementia.

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100% of profit goes directly to supporting those with Dementia.