Awareness Training

Alzheimers Dementia Support (‘ADS’) is a local charity, operating in Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead, Slough & Langley. Since 2011 ‘ADS’ have been running informative and interactive training programs, aimed at raising the awareness of Dementia within our local community. Our training programmes have been designed to demonstrate how seriously the disease affects the lives of the many people it touches and comes in a variety of formats to fit the needs of different sectors.

Training Programmes

All training is designed to increase awareness of dementia, by exploring some of the signs and symptoms of dementia and how they may present. The use of short videos and written extracts demonstrates what it may be like to live with dementia. By the end of the session delegates should have increased confidence & understanding of dementia.


  • To understand what dementia is (and what it is not).
  • To increase awareness of types of dementia.
  • To be able to identify some signs & symptoms.
  • To feel more confident in being able to assist a person with dementia.
  • To encourage positive and open discussion about dementia.
  • To know where to go for further information & support on dementia.