At ‘ADS’ we, at all times, remain as flexible as possible in the support of our Members, but also commit to taking the safety of our Members and Staff very seriously.

We have reviewed the latest local Covid figures and the announcements from the Government and have agreed on a set of Operating Rules for our Services.

We hope that you see these as protecting our Service Attendees while enabling our Services to continue.

Please note:

  • This will come into effect on Monday 13th December
  • It is subject to change as we adapt to developments in the spread of Covid

COVID – ‘ADS’ Service Attendance

Service Attendees must:

  • wear a mask at all times (a face shield may be worn in addition to, but not instead of a mask)
  • take a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) within 24 hours of attendance
  • exceptions can only be made under exceptional circumstances, by prior discussion with the ‘ADS’ Team and will be recorded on our Member Database. Those who attend under these exceptional circumstances will be physically distanced from other Service Attendees.

Should any potential Service Attendee be in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid:

  • please do not attend ‘ADS’ Services until evidence can be produced of:
    • a clear PCR test taken between days 5-8 from the contact and
    • a negative Lateral Flow Test taken within 12hrs hours prior to attendance

The ‘ADS’ Team will:

  • continue with the increased levels of cleaning at venues
  • create social distancing space at all services
  • wear masks and adhere to hand-washing protocols
  • update these Service Operation Rules as needed
  • continue to support our Members as much as possible within safe limits for all concerned

Do please contact a member of the ‘ADS’ Team should you have any concerns or questions.

Thank-you for helping us to continue to put the safety of our Members first.

‘ADS’ Team