‘ADS’ Volunteer Befrienders

What are Befrienders?
Our Befrienders are volunteers who offer social contact to people with Dementia and/or family carers of people with Dementia (Befriendees). It is a free service designed to alleviate loneliness caused by isolation, and will provide companionship in their home or to take part in appropriate social and recreational activities.

Befriending is about companionship and enjoying activities together.

Our Scheme is Different
Many Befriending Schemes will mean just one Befriender entering the home of a person
with Dementia and their carer.
Having a team of two Befrienders means that both the person with Dementia and their
carer can be supported, there is a second person on hand to assist and the
Safeguarding for all parties is increased.
You will therefore be ‘matched’ with another Befriender to ensure that you can work
together well and can be available at the same times.

The Role:
Our Befrienders will spend quality time with the matched client on a regular basis, we
would ask you to commit to an agreed number of hours each week or fortnight, usually
the same day and time with your befriending volunteer partner and the Befriendees.
Ideally you would be able to view this as a long-term friendship as this is important for
people with Dementia who do not respond well to change, so a minimum of 6 months
would be desirable.


Social ActivitiesYou will both provide agreed opportunities to participate in social activities such as
• A visit to a garden centre for refreshments
• A leisurely walk
• A trip to make a special purchase (buying a greetings card or present for family
or a friend)
• Activities at home (board games, cards, puzzles)

Skills/qualifications required by Volunteer Befrienders

  • No special qualifications or experience are required, however, Befrienders must be good communicators and listeners.
  • they must enjoy the company of older people and be able to cope with clients who will have short-term memory problems.
  • be willing to learn a little about Dementia and it’s impacts, including attending our
    training package for Befrienders
  • You will not be required or encouraged to provide any form of personal care for the
    client or their carer

How will ‘ADS’ support you?

You will receive relevant induction/training for the role

  • Dementia awareness training
  • Local support and guidance
  • Befriending Training
  • Safeguarding session
  • You will benefit from the opportunity for on-going training as necessary
  • You will be reimbursed your agreed out-of- pocket expenses, in accordance with ‘ADS’


Additionally, we will provide you with:

  • An ADS ‘Buddy’ – someone within our organisation who will be available for
    advice and to whom you will report back after visits
  • An ID lanyard which includes quick reminds
  • A Befriending folder which you will share with your Befriendees

Information about you

If you decide to volunteer for this rewarding and vital role, ‘ADS’ will require references
and will need to carry out the necessary background checks (DBS) in order to
Safeguard those concerned.
We will ask you to comply with the ‘ADS’ Befriending Service standards and procedures
especially those that relate to Data Protection and Safeguarding.[/accordion]

For further information
Please contact: Terrie Hall 07516 165647